REV’IT! Airwave 2

One of the best textile jackets I had the chance to try. Especially for this price it meets everything I imagined – it’s stylish, stitching is good, great ventilation, perfect protection. Although it looks now more like advertising bullshit, the opposite is true, I’m really pleased. Of the five stars I would give a four of them and that’s just because of the annoying collar that is quite pliable for me on a CBF at higher speeds. I’ve lost weight for a while and I’m about 220 pounds right now at 6′ which means I’m exactly between L and XL sizes.

I finally took the size of Large when my jacket now sits as was tailored for me. All right, except for that collar. Everything is all ove, and the shoulder and elbow protectors are in place. You just need to buy a back protector either directly from the Revit! (RV model) or use some of yours. Just be careful not to be too thick to come in under your jacket. With the Revit you’ll have about .5″ of space under your jacket, and that’s just a solid reinforced foam. If you have a classic ready-made size or are rather broad-shoulder athletic figures, consider buying a larger size.

I really like the airflow that jacket provides especially in the back area where when I do not have a backpack I feel the flow of air. Overall, you can ride a jacket from some 60 degrees to make it comfortable to plus minus 90 degrees. The zip in front of the jacket is pretty stiff, but it’s good and you must take a few minutes to learn how to close it properly and you will not have a problem. For the money you will get simply a very good textile jacket and I can recommend it to everyone.

Manufacturer: REV’IT!
Model: Revit! Airwave 2
Type: motorcycle textile jacket

REV’IT! Airwave 2

REV’IT! Airwave 2

Material thickness






Air Flow





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