The AGV K-5 S is the new successor of the AGV K-5. However, the new S-helmet has technology and safety somewhat beyond its predecessor. As with the AGV K-3 SV level-entry model, we can see inspiration in the design of top GP Pista or Veloce models. As the AGV K-5 models are still on the market, be sure to buy a more aggressive / elongated front helmet and be interested in the year of production.

Finding a great helmet in a certain price category is a bit of a problem. It is similar to the wine you do not know so much about and you are choosing by the prestige, year and price. And worse, especially when you are in the supermarket where there are several dozen of these wines. And with a helmet it’s similar. However the AGV K-5 S seems to be a great year.


What you should be interested in this sport-touring helmet is a material of the shell. It is made from composite carbon (carbon fibers) and glass fibers. So it is clear that the strength in the event of impact and lightness is taken care of. If you look at the tests of the independent test institute SHARP UK, you will find that it is one of the safest helmets and therefore has 4 stars out of the 5th overall. The design of the helmet is slightly leaner than the previous model with slightly more chipped parts. The designers removed the material on the sides of the helmet (not as oval as the previous model) and only two shell sizes are now available.

Just below the shell there are 4 polyester EPS layers of different densities for better impact absorption and in combination with shell material is this also one of the lightest helmets on the market. The AGV K5S including the integrated sun visor, high quality lining and the M-size weights only 3.06 lbs. For illustration the AGV Pista racing helmet weighs 2.97 lbs. But it costs one more.

The IVS Ventilation System includes five adjustable inputs and two outputs (also adjustable). Due to testing of the helmet in the aerodynamic tunnel (which AGV has recently established) overall ventilation is very effective. Enough fresh air even at temperatures around 90°F creates the perfect climate inside the helmet. You only need to find the right grip for front ventilation and chin for control in gloves which needs a bit of training. If you open all the ventilation inputs at higher speeds you will feel the influence of the shape of the helmet on the airflow. Aerodynamics is really excellent and the rear spoiler which is part of the shell works perfectly.


That’s how we get to the comfort and noise inside the helmet. If you “switch” from cheaper models you will be happy with the new AGV K-5 S. However in its price category it is a little louder even when compared to HJC RPHA ST. Innovation from the previous model (K-5) is not perceptible. If you are driving a few hundred miles do not forget to put your earplugs in your ear.

The helmet seams are wider than the competition and provide a good side view (allegedly up to 190 °). As with other manufacturers UV protection is standard here. There is a preparation for the PinLock insert that is included in the package. The visor-mounting structure is XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) and no tools are needed to replace visor and if you are average guy you can do it within one minute. This can be quite useful because you can purchase a second visor to the helmet which is more sealing (if you need it). The micro-ventilation function also comes handy.

As for the integrated sun visor this is not the slightest problem. Just make sure you do not bother your nose. However do not expect extra dark visor it’s not even possible thanks to the road homologation (the same rules as for car glass).

Comfort and how the helmet fits is the chapter itself. Who had the previous model AGV K-5 on the head so surely knows that it is one of the most comfortable you can wear. But is there a way to improving something so good? Definitely it is. Especially thanks to the special fabrics Ritmo and Shalimar. Face cushioning has antibacterial protection (Sanitized) and together with 2Dry and Microsense technology take your sweat from the face. The head liner is made of Shalimar fabric with the same treatment as the cheekpads. It does not push as much competition as it is, but it sits perfectly. The manufacturer also thought of people wearing dioptric glasses and prepared a slight cut-out in padding (improvement especially compared to the previous model).

The AGV K5 S is definitely a good choice if you’re thinking about riding a bit seriously and offering great low weight equipment in this price range.

Manufacturer: AGV
Models: AGV K-5 S, AGV K5 S Pearl, AGV K5 S Firework Italy, AGV K5 S Hero, AGV K5 S Ence, AGV K-5 S Deep, AGV K-5 S Hurricane, AGV K-5 S Darkstorm, AGV K-5 S Firerace, AGV K-5 S Thorn and more …
Type: integral helmet
Material: CAF composite (carbon and glass fibers), EPS
Weight: 3.06lbs + – (size M)
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL







Noise Level


Air Flow







  • IVS Ventilation System
  • Weight


  • A little bit noisy
  • Handling ventilation sliders in gloves
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