AGV Pista GP

The AGV motorcycle helmet manufacturer does not need to be imagined. MotoGP, WSBK and most pilots of all kinds of motorcycle competitions runs her. And reason? It’s not just a sponsorship and advertising, but because AGV motorcycle helmets are among the best. And so is the AGV Pista GP integral sports helmet.

If you are looking for the best (and one of the most expensive) motorcycle helmet on the market at the moment, this carbon helmet is for you. She has been on the market since 2009, when Valentino Rossi was the first to take her on the track and AGV has set new standards for the class. The helmet is developed in so-called “Human Engineering”. Which means it starts “from the inside out”.

Classic helmet production works in reverse. So the shell is made, the interior (shock absorbing material), the padding and you are on the road. The AGV Pista GP helmet was different. First, it started with padding and reinforcements, then the damping / absorbent material and finally the shell – in this case the carbon fiber. At the very beginning was the digital 3D scanner used to capture the shape of the pilot’s head so the helmet perfectly copied the curvature of the skull and face. Thanks to this technology and FEM analysis (computerized testing of strains, pressures, vibrations, etc.), a helmet has been created that does not have a compete in its class.

The result was not long awaited, and it turned out that the helmet dampened the impact by 36% better than the requirements for obtaining ECE approval. And even 48% better than HIC (Head Injure Criterion).

To make these percentages less, the visor of the helmet is 71% smaller than the GP-Tech model, and that is why the protective layer (absorbent material) inside the helmet could be increased. If you’re just scared that you will not see anything from the helmet, you can be calm. The view field was extended by 15° to the height, which is approximately 9% higher than the previous model.

If you are interested in aerodynamic helmets (every one understands air resistance), AGV has managed to reduce the resistance by 44% in this model. This is the so-called Z-lift index when testing the ability to maintain high speed pressure in the aerodynamic tunnel from the motorcycle’s shield. Translated into classic speech: when you ride really fast and get your head off the bike shield, the AGV Piston Carbon Helmet will stay in place and the wind will not try to break your neck.

It also worked on the ventilation system, which is due to the “inside out” development across the helmet. Thanks to the 3D filling  in the really hot days you can be sure that cool wind comes to your head. The integrated ventilation system (IVS) has tunnels which takes the air out. So aerodynamically is the air vacuumed and takes out due the tunnels in real time.

Inside the helmet of course, you can find a fully removable and washable padding made of breathable lycro micro plush and CoolMax textile fibers. The RACE 2 helmet visor is equipped with a UV filter and of course protection layer that against fogging and scratches. Helmet is also suitable for tear-off film but the films are sold separately. If you need to replace the entire visor you’ll definitely enjoy the XQRS system that lets you take your visor off in seconds without any tools. Fasteting on the helmet is classic double D ring.

Are you wondering if the AGV Pista GP Carbon Helmet is worth the money? Definitely!

Manufacturer: AGV
Models: Piston GP, ​​AGV Piston GP Carbon, AGV Piston GP Project 46 2.0, AGV Piston GP Gran Premio Rosso, AGV Piston GP Soleluna Qatar, AGV Piston GP Gran Premio Italia
Type: full-face racing helmet
Material: carbon fiber

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

AGV Pista GP

AGV Pista GP





Noise Level


Air Flow







  • Human Engineering
  • Z-lift index
  • Race 2 visor


  • Higher price
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