Airoh ST 701

A few years ago, Airoh introduced the sporty travel helmet Airoh ST 701 and I also ride it for a few years. I have over 9000 miles in this helmet and somehow I do not think I can say anything bad.

The first thing that surprise you is when you take the helmet on your hands. The shell is made from carbon and kevlar (HPC – High performance composite) and is really lightweight. The manufacturer says weigh is about 2.64 pounds and I have no reason to not believe it. Moreover, when you find that the helmet is equipped with an integrated sun visor, you will understand why it belongs among the top in such helmets.

I do not know if it makes sense to talk about the comfort of the interior, because it matters as much as the helmet sits. In any case, the material used acts like a micropile and is still the new one after 9 000 miles. Washing the interior once a season, but I’m not a sweaty guy and my skin is not extremely hot in summer. The helmet is SANITIZED, which means it is hypoallergenic, antisweat and has all these hygienic qualities. Obviously, it works well because I never had to worry about it. The internal hardened polystyrene under the lining has 4 layers of density – so it should spread the wound to a larger field in the event of a collision. Fortunately, I have never tried it and I hope I will not try it.

The integrated sun visor works without any problem, and the nose cutout is gently rounded. Visor controlling is in the area of ​​the joint and it can also be gripped by gloves. The classic visor is shaped and there is no distortion and also offers a very wide view. Its a racing helmet.

Antifog is solved by the PinLock foil in the package and if there is a risk of fogging the helmet (in one case out of a hundred), just open the chin ventilation. It works well and interestingly because it offers two positions. I’m just saying that I’m not a fan of the ventilation sliders, but here they work as they do, and they do not slip with using a gloves.

Front ventilation has one upward position when it opens the air going on a visor and bang everything is allright. Perfect for driving in cold weather. And then a second position that places the air into the area of ​​the face. I did not think I needed more air or faster in the helmet than was necessary. Another advantage is that the airflow in the rear extractor can be adjusted (can be opened and closed). It’s just someone thinking about this helmet, and the ventilation is really effective.

I can not compare the noise so much, but it is definitely quieter than the previous HJC that was similar. For the money is this helmet one of the best purchases at all what I did.

Manufacture: Airoh
Model: Airoh ST 701, ST 701 Slash, ST 701 Way, ST-701 Safety Full Carbon, ST701 Color etc…
Type: racing helmet
Materiál: HPC (High performance composite), EPC
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Airoh ST 701

Airoh ST 701





Noise Level


Air Flow







  • HPC composite
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Safety cheek-pads system
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