Shark Race-R Pro

If you are looking for a high quality and really good motorcycle helmet and you are not satisfied with the “ordinary” thermoplastic and you do not have thousands for the helmets run by the MotoGP riders, the Shark Race-R Pro Blank helmet is the right solution.

Shark company is serious about safety, so they made a two different shells (set in themselves) to spread out the collision impact in crash. As we have suggested at the beginning, the helmet shell is not made of thermoplastic, but instead of carbon fiber / aramid (kevlar) fibers.

The perfect airflow with integrated channels on the inner side of helmet have gives you an efficient ventilation system with four vents. So don’t worry about a fresh air that will always keeps the fogging out. Also interesting is a visor with varying thickness (0.11 – 0.16″/3 – 4,25mm) which means zero optical distortion. But most of all, the helmet is equipped with antifog, antiscratch and nasal deflector. The whole mechanism of the helmet’s visor is patented and it is a metal lock that allows quick removal of the visor.

Fastening is by a double D-ring with a magnetic end, so you will no longer looking for finding the “right grip”. And there is more improvements than this. For example preparing for a Sharktooth communicator or airbrush spoiler (only for higher models).

Carbon/aramid helmet Shark Race-R Pro Blank is produced in several color variants and models. The basic class of Shark Race-R helmet starts at around $ 300, but you does not get a fully carbon/aramid helmet. For this price you get aramid helmet which is still pretty good.

Manufacturer: Shark
Models: Race-R Pro Blank, Shark Race-R Pro Optigon, Shark Race-R Pro Kristo, Shark Race-R Blank, Shark Race-R Pro Kimbo, Shark Race-R Pro Original
Type: Full-face helmet
Material: carbon / aramid; Aramid fibre only in the lower versions of the Race-R model
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Shark Race-R Pro Blank

Shark Race-R Pro Blank





Noise Level


Air Flow







  • Carbon/Aramid
  • Two shells
  • Magnetic end on fastening
  • Varyable visor
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